Amd XP 3000 venice. Mobo and Ram Recomendations needed.

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Amd XP 3000 venice. Mobo and Ram Recomendations needed.

Iam putting together a media PC and would like to use the Venice XP
3000 cpu. From what i read it canbe overclocked ALOT. 2.5ghz or more.
But 2.5 would be find for my system. need a fast CPu for my HD movies
and videos.

But what mobo to use for it. It needs top be a decent mobo with USB
2.0 firewire, SATA onboard audio ect. I want an Abit board as i like

I was thinking this board: ABIT AN8 (nForce4 PCI-E DDR400 S939) seems
to have everything i want. But can it be overclocked so my Venice gets
to 2.5 ghz ??

RAM but what kind pc 3200,3500,3700 or other even.

Thanks for any help. If you have put a system together with a Venice
let us know.


Re: Amd XP 3000 venice. Mobo and Ram Recomendations needed.

Abit AN8 sounds like a decent choice.  I'd probably go for the SLI
board, even with only one graphics card.  It's looking like SLI drivers
are improving, and there's a decent possibility future drivers will
allow your pair of graphics cards to be non identical (i.e. don't have
to be same revision from same manufacturer).  I think nVidia will def
raise their game here once ATI have some competition in the market, and
I still hope that in future (~6 months) I will be able to just buy any
other 6600GT and have them play nicely.

I'm having trouble OCing my own similar system using an Asus A8N-SLI
MB.  However, I do have options to set either CPU or RAM speed (but not
both at the same time) manually.  I have 1GB Geil PC4000 RAM and get a
decent boost in performance from using this speed compared to PC3200
(well, upto 10% depending on the app - a few things I work with use a
large in-memory 'database' and these see even bigger improvements upto
20%), even though the CAS Latency drops to 2.5 instead of 2.
Considering the PC4000 memory I have was about 80% price premium over
basic PC320 I am not completely sure the performance boost was worth
the extra60.

NB: even w/o OCing my A64 3000+ / GF 6600GT is fast enough to play HD
movies, including 1080i quite smoothly, as long as nothing much is
going on in the background.  I would in retrospect have chosen an ATI
graphics card for 2D stuff though - have been with ATI since original
Radeon came out, the 6600GT was my first nVidia card and I'm
disappointed with 2D quality at the resolution I would like to run
(1920x1440 on 22" CRT)

FWIW, I have only so far reached 2.45GHz with my Athlon but that's the
older Winchester core.


Son Of Sheep. wrote:
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Re: Amd XP 3000 venice. Mobo and Ram Recomendations needed.

I run at 1600 by 1200 and find nothing wrong with the picture. Ive got
a 20 inch Mitsibishi DiamondTron 2070sb 20 inch monitor :)

Must be your crappy monitor me thinks :p

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