AMD 5000+ Black

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Been having trouble overclocking this, these processors come with the
multiplyer unlocked

At stock with everything on auto it has a 13.0 x 200.9 MHz core speed,
2612.0 MHz
Memory freqency 373.1 MHz (CPU/7)

Anyway I adjusted it to 14.0 yet (only setting changed) when I boot into
Windows it is
9.0 x 200.9 MHz
Memory freqency 361.7 MHz (CPU/5)

Alot of websites say you can get 3200 MHz easy by just adjusting the
multiplyer to 16, (also increase voltage to 1.40) when I do that I get
10x 200.9 MHz
2009.1 MHz
Memory freqency 401.8 MHz (CPU/5)

I've tried nearly every setting I can think of, it must be something to do
with the memory? I must need  401.8 MHz (CPU/8)

My memory is
CL 5, tRCD 5, tRP 5, tRAS 18, tRC 24
Command Rate 2T


Re: AMD 5000+ Black

Caramel wrote:
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Are you using Cool N' Quiet ? Cool N' Quiet changes the multiplier
setting, as a function of the amount of loading on the CPU. Load
up the CPU, with something like a Prime95 torture test, and see
what speed the CPU runs at in CPUZ. What you could be seeing right
now, is the "idle speed".


Re: AMD 5000+ Black

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 What motherboard?  Have you got cool and quiet disabled?


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