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I'm looking for some advice on a new system.  Something that will give
me a good bang for the buck when overclocking.

My previous systems have been Intel 300A@504 on BH6 (still runs 24/7 as
router fileserver), and an amd 2500+ running 3200+ on an ASUS A7N8X
deluxe 2.0.

I wasn't planning on upgrading yet, but the motherboard died due to a
faulty psu, so i need a new system quick.  I fear 1 day is not going to
be enough to get uptodate on all the hardware, since i haven't been
following developments since my last system purchase.

So what would today be considered the stuff to get if you want cheap
performance?  A good high quality board that will allow me to take a
cheap cpu to the max it can do, and leaving room for upgrades if that
should be needed in the future.

Also I don't care if it's intel or amd, no real preference.

Thank you for any tips given, in the meantime i'll be browsing for
sollutions myself.


Re: Advice needed

This site should be of help. /

Asrock (owned by Asus) is a good bang for the buck.

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Re: Advice needed

kamisama wrote:
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I just set up a Core 2 Duo e6300 (130, 1.86ghz) system, it's currently
running at 2.8ghz stock voltage, man these chips are good :D I've got a
gigabyte p965-DS3 which was reasonable value ~80 and is performing
well, the performance of this system is incredible. Blows an fx-62 out
of the water no problem at all. I would fully recommend the core 2s,
they are very nice chips and they all seem to OC very nicely from what
I've been reading, mainly down to the 65nm process I would imagine. As
for bang-for-buck, you can't get much better than near extreme edition
performance for about a fifth of the price.

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