Advice for a novice overclocker

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Hi All,

I looked at my previous subject and thought it was fairly average so I
thought I'd repost with a new one.

Decided to squeeze a bit of juice from my P4 2.4B 533 running 2 * 512
Kingston PC 2700 ram and have currently got it running at 2.7. It has been
stable running the torture test in Prime95 for 12+ hrs straight so I assume
this is stable. I have a few questions that you may be able to help me with.
I have the FSB at 152 and the vcore at 1.6v to get it stable and it runs at
63 Celsius (stock cooling) during the torture test.  I've had it running
torture tests and primes for the past 5 days with few breaks. What would you
say is too hot for this CPU? I use hmonitor to look at the temp etc and it
reckons that the vcore jumps up to 1.7 even though I set it to 1.6. Is this
normal or ok even? I've read 1.7 is about max I should go. Does this mean
what I should not go above in the bios or what the hardware monitoring is
telling me?

I have locked the AGP/PCI timing to 66/33 and run the RAM at 3/3/3/8 and
2.7v. Are there any settings for these  parameters (or others!) anyone could
recommend trying.

Thanks in advance.


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