abit kn8 sli overclocking-problem

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I just bought a new mb. the abit kn8 sli with a geforce 6600le-512.
the motherboard was included in an overclocker-bundle (with ram etc.).

the settings were preset from the firm who made it. they are also mentioned
in the manual.

here are the settings:

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice (@4000+)
Thermaltake TR2 M6, 1GB VT DUAL-CH (2x512 MB) 400 MHz

BIOS-Settings for real:
2,5 GHz (3000@4000+)

CPU Operating Speed: User define
CPU FSB Clock (MHz): 278 (1x Interstep 269 MHz)  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Multiplier Factor: 9x
PCIe Clock MHz: 100

1. Voltages Control: User define
CPU Core Voltage: 1.60V
DDR RAM Voltage: 2.90V
DDR Ref Voltage: -60mV
Nforce4 Voltage: 1.60V
Hyper Transport Voltage: +4%

2. Advanced Chipset Features
HT Frequency: 4x

2.1 DRAM Configuration
DRAM Timing selectable: Manual
DRAM Clock: DDR266
CAS Lateny Time (CL): 2.5
Row Cycle Time: 11 Clocks
Row Refresh Cycle Time: 13 Clocks
Min RAS active Time: 8 Clocks
RAS to Cas delay: 3 Clocks
RAS Precharge time: 3 Clocks
RAS to RAS delay: 2 Clocks
Write Recovery time: 3 Clocks
Write to Read delay: 2 Clocks
Read to Write delay: 4 Clocks
DRAM Command Rate: 2T Clocks
Read Preamble value: Auto
Max. Async Latency value: Auto
Bank Interleaving: Enabled
Burst Length: 8 Beats
DRAM Drive Strength: Normal Drive
Force 64bit mode always: Enabled

3. PC Health Status
CPU Fan EQ Speed Control: 90 % Speed
CPU Fan Active Temperatur: 40

Now i've got the problem with the interstep in the softmenu. When i set
269 mhz, i can boot normally,
but when i set the fsb 278 mhz the screen stays black and i have to
reset the cmos...
do i make a fault or is something damaged?

(sorry for my bad english)


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