ABIT IP43 manual anyone?

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I bought a GRADE B motherboard off Overclockers UK to test if my graphics
card was at fault or my motherboard (ASUS SE) and thus it came board only.
I built the PC up using some RAM I took out of this PC and an Aquagate
cooler I had previously bough for another project.  There's a red LED above
the switching block lights up when power is connected and another Green LED
lights up when the ON button is pressed but that's all I get.  No signal to
the monitor no matter what card I use even my old trusty X850 PE and no
beeps or error warnings.  The ABIT site has no manuals for the IP43 board
and links to the IP35 boards keep timing out (on an 8MB broadband line????).
Does anyone have a link to a copy or even a spare manual in case I am doing
something wrong.

Please help.


ABIT IP43, 2x 1GB CMS2 1024MB PC6400 ddr2, Alphacool 850W PSU with all
24pins connected on the main connector and 8pins connected to the CPU
connector and finally any choice of BFG GTX280, FORCE3d 4870 512MB or ATI
X850PE.  There are no optical or HDDs fitted until I get it to POST.

Re: ABIT IP43 manual anyone?

Sorry I forgot to mention an Intel E6400 CPU and the fact that the Aquagate
pump spins and the fan on the radiator but nothing else.



Re: ABIT IP43 manual anyone?

Dumbo wrote:
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Did you know, that Abit is out of the motherboard business, as of
the end of the year 2008 ? The motherboard you bought is now less
than "Grade B", as it doesn't have a grade at all any more. Yes,
there is still a three year warranty, but will their heart be
in it (i.e. will someone answer the phone).


Looking at their web site, the results are a bit strange looking.
For some reason, they didn't bother putting all the documentation
for their latest motherboards. What their motivation for doing
that would be, is unclear. Most companies put up a complete
package, on the day they introduce a new motherboard model.

Tigerdirect has an IP35 manual, if you need that one. But no IP43 manual.



Re: ABIT IP43 manual anyone?

'Dumbo' wrote:
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Well, if you had an hard drive connected, at least you would have some more
indications of how far the boot is getting.  For example, does the hard
drive spins up?  Can you hear seeks?

And then there's the question, is the default setting (factory setting) in
the BIOS for errors "Halt on all errors"?

I think you are still flailing around.  The ONLY way to diagnose a problem
by switching out components is to use KNOWN GOOD COMPONENTS.  Until you do,
if you aren't very experienced, you're just wasting time and money to ending
up knowing less than you did before.

At this point, you now have still ANOTHER component that you don't know to
be good (the new motherboard), so you not only need a manual, but KNOWN GOOD
components to test with.  Not to mention checking to make sure the
motherboard is correctly installed mechanically (this at least can be
checked by placing the motherboard on a tabloid and hooking up a KNOWN GOOD
power supply and a KNOWN GOOD display adapter (if the motherboard has now
built-in display adapter) and NOTHING ELSE AT ALL.  This will eliminate the
possibility of a short in your original hardware assembly, and definitively
show the motherboard to be faulty (even with no memory installed and no
display adapter installed there should at least be error code beeps; that
is, unless that particular motherboard doesn't have an on board beeper and a
system case speaker must be connected - and I haven't seen THAT in years.)

Phil Weldon

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