Abit AW9D-max chipset voltage and temperature

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I'm turning up the speed on my new PC.  So far I have it up to 400MHz FSB
(from 266MHz) and tested it to be stable with Orthos.  To this point I
haven't had to increase Vcore at all.  (I have a stable 50% overclock with
no increase in Vcore; I think that's pretty interesting and not something
I've experienced before).  But I have had to increase the Vmch (from 1.5V to

That seems a fairly modest voltage increase to me, and I've read of people
using air cooling in combination with chipset voltages of up to 1.85V.  But
I haven't found any details of how they've been keeping track of chipset
temperature while they've been winding the voltage up.  Is it possible on
this MB?  Are there any applications that can tell me the chipset
temperature, or is the nearest I can get the general system temperature?
And even if I could monitor it, where should I draw the line?

I'd be interested to know how far you have pushed Vmch on an air-cooled 975X
chipset, especially if its on this MB with the stock cooling.


Abit AW9D-max; Vmch=1.67V
E6300 @ 400x7=2.8GHz; Vcore=1.3275V
Corsair Twin2X XMS2 2x1GB @ 400MHz 4-4-4-12; Vddr=2.0V

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