Abit AT8 will be available in January

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After quite thoroughly shopping (researching) around for the best
motherboard for me, I guess the AT8 is the closest to what I need.
Notice I said 'closest', I did make a wish list and realized that I
would never be able to cover everything on the list, but I did come
darn close. The things not covered on the list weren't too important
anyway. I noticed in my downloaded user's guide that the DDR defaults
to 200 when 4 memory modules are used. Now, since that is a default
setting, I assume that I will be able to change that in the BIOS DRAM
Configuration, Memclock index value (Mhz). I think when I first go into
BIOS, that setting will show 100Mhz. If I increase it to 166 Mhz then
should I get the use of DDR333, 2.667 Gbyte/s bandwidth with all 4 of
my memory modules? Since the BIOS doesn't seem to give me the luxury of
setting my ratio (divider) for the CPU FSB and DRAM, do you think that
BIOS will set the divider automatically when I change the Memclock
index value? Does anyone know if the Athlon 64 4000+ has its ratio
fixed and it cannot be changed by BIOS automatically? In the BIOS CPU
Operating Speed settings, is the External Clock setting the place where
I can change the ratio (divider)? {I only have some experience with
clocking older generic motherboards, that is why I'm not sure about if
I can and where to find the place to do ratio settings}. I think most
motherboard manufacturers don't give us the luxery of being able to
adjust the ratio since that would result in a likely increase of CPUs
turning into sand! By the way, I don't want to become a voltage
increaser. If I think that a tad bit of speed can be gained by
increasing voltage somewhere by one increment,  then I might. But
generally, I need performance and stability more that I need more
speed. Besides, with the AT8 & Athlon 64 4000+, there should be plenty
of speed without increasing voltage! Thanks For Reading, Gold Fingers.
{Fingers for short}

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