A Newbie To Overclocking...

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I just recently had to reformat my Athlon XP system because I tried to
overclock my GPU (UGH!!!)!!  I decided to try and tweak a few things today
and I cut back the FSB clocking on my Athlon XP 2800+ and I played a few
games that are graphics intensive.  I noticed better performance in the game
play and better detail in the graphics.  Has anyone else ever had such a
result from cutting back on the FSB clocking?



Re: A Newbie To Overclocking...

It's possible you're power supply is the problem. Backing off the FSB could
lower the power need to run the system just enough. It could also be your
ram is on the edge and has problems at it's rated speed. Check that first
with a good ram testing utility.
 And, check the voltages with another software utilty. My motherboard comes
with a program called Digidoc. Other mothneboard makers have thier own. They
aren't as good as a voltmeter but they can give you an idea if you are
underpowered if the reading are more than 10% off what they should be.

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