Windows and SSL

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Hi at all,
I'm an italian developer.
I'm developing a stand-alone windows application that needs to connect
to a MySql server.
The application is written in CA Visual Object, and for normal
connection use the libmysql.dll library and work very well.
For privacy issues I need to use ssl. The mysql ssl server works ok and
from linux (or with Navicat) I can connect crypted and safe.
So, I tryed to recompile (with visual studio c++) the library
libmysql.dll with support for openssl but also if it compile
succesfully when I call the mysql_real_connect my program stucks and I
must kill it (Ctrl-Alt-Canc).
What you suggest?
MySql is very good but I can't go on if I don't resolve this ssl



p.s. sorry for bad english :)

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