Where does mysql_config get its defaults from?

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I recently upgraded to mysql version 4.1.13 (server is SuSE linux 9.3)
and attempted to re-install the Perl DBD::mysql module, which kept
failing because it couldn't open /tmp/mysql.sock.  After spending way
too much time trying to figure out why it was trying to find that
socket (my.cnf specifies /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock), I finally realized
that mysql_config was pointing it there.

IMO, this makes no sense, since during the mysql build/install process,
the socket was created in /var/lib/mysql and (as stated above) my.cnf
specifies the location as /var/lib/mysql.

So, my question is: where does mysql_config get its defaults from and
why does it specify /tmp when the distribution installed the socket in

Thanks in advance.

--Dave H.

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