UTF8, ASP and MySQL Querybuilder stangeness

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I have a MySQL 4.1.11 database, table and table columns all configured as
utf8 as I need to accept data in a number of languages. The MySQL database
is hosted so I use SET NAMES utf8 in the connection string in ASP e.g.

sCon = "dsn=mydsn;uid=user;pwd=pass;stmt=set names utf8;option=3;".

 The ASP pages are all charset utf8.

Now the ASP pages *seem* to work fine - I add some test characters (for
example special Turkish characters) from the ASP page, requery the database
for the added record and re-display it on the ASP page as a test. The
special characters appear to be stored correctly in the DB and re-displayed
on the ASP page as they were entered. Great! Well not quite....

I then look at the added data in QueryBuilder or Navicat and all the special
characters are displayed as gibberish (they are definately both configured
to display utf8 correctly). English characters are fine. So I use
Querybuilder to add some similar Turkish characters to the database - all
seems fine, the special characters are displayed as input in Querybuilder
and Navicat. I then look at the same added item in the ASP page and it shows
as gibberish for the special characters, all English characters are fine.

I am really confused as to what is going on - special characters entered in
ASP views fine when re-viewed on ASP but not in QB. Data entered in QB
displays fine when re-viewed in QB but gibberish in ASP. Any ideas as to
where things are going wrong with the encoding?

TIA for any help.

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