User Table gone!

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I installed MySQL DB Server, 4.01.24 on a 2000
Server system. I also installed the MySQL
Administrator. Through the MySQL Admin, I set a PW
for 'root', and then I added a new user, let's
call it, 'test1', with password, '1234'. I then
gave those connection details to another company
we're working with, so they can log into the DB
and set everything up. They did their thing last
night, but today when I got to work, I found that
the User Table is gone! I can still log into the
DB with 'root' and 'test1', but MySQL Admin gives
me an error sayin the 'mysql.user' table is gone.
I confirmed this through the command line program,
and the MySQL 'control center'. Why am I still
able to log into the DB with 'root' and 'test1'
when the user table is gone? is this cached
somewhere? How do I regenerate the user table? is
there an easy way to do this? I ran into another
post in another site that said that I should just
copy some files from the data/mysql directory, so
I may give that a try.
thoughts? comments?

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