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When adding a new record in my forum, if the new thread is the parent
thread, the Parent_Ancestor takes on the record ID (field called
Forum). For some reason, new threads are not inheriting the record ID,
but always receive the number 65535 in its place.

When I try to update a field in a record through PHPMyAdmin, the query
executes, but the record isn't actually updated. Here's my update

UPDATE `Forum` SET `Forum_Ancestor` = '66901' WHERE `Forum` = '66901'

I want the Forum_Ancestor to be the same as the record ID. But, when I
check the record it is still 65535 (which is an erroneous number

Is there any significance to the number 65535? Why won't the record

Thanks in advance

Re: UPDATE won't work

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Don't see table name.

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65535 is a short (2 byte) interger with all the bits set.  The largest
unsigned short.

Try something like:
select 'Forum_Ancestor' from mydb.mytable where 'Forum' = '66901';

Do you get anything returned?

Re: UPDATE won't work

Your post held the key to my getting my forums back up again. Thanks!

I had the Forum_Parent field set to tinyint(5), which didn't allow any
ID's higher than 65535 to be set in Forum_Parent field. Once I set the
field to a MEDIUMINT(8), I had no problem.

Whew! What a great help you have been. Thanks again!

Your key to my success:

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