Two way syncronizing with a website database with a local database

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I would like to syncronize my local database with my website database.
Scenarios are
1. New rows / row updates in the local database to be updated on the
website database (local -> net)
2. Updates on the website database to be updated on the local database
(net -> local)

* Updates for both databases are possibly on different fields

I am thinking of writing an application (C#.Net or what ever works)
that will start up the sync process (1 then 2 ).. maybe at the end of
a work day. The idea is to have a sort of replication of the database
both locally and internet. This is because, the local (client) may not
always be connected and could be disconnected for any length of time.
However once connection is restored,i would like for the sync process
to execute and sync both databases.

The underlining idea behind the website database, is for field updates
and viewing only. The local database is for new rows and field

My questions are,
1. Does MySQL provide scripting for such a sync as described above  to
take place without overwriting data on either database?
2. If so can this sync be automated or executed with one click/
command ?

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