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I would like to transpose a table in mysql. I have looked on the web for
a while but nothing seems to fit the bill, so I just want to clarify if
I have to write some php or if I can use a SQL query (preferred).
What I would like to do is to use the values in a row as column headings
during output, so that I can enter different sets of data into the same
table and display it in a readable format afterwards. Let me explain: I
have say a number of fields like so: name, email etc but I don't
necessarily know the number of fields. I may also want to enter data
coming from different sources into this table. I have thought about how
I uniquely identify each "set". So, instead of creating a fixed number
of columns, I would like the structure like this:

ID | FieldName | FieldValue  | uniqueID

1  | name      | me          | 123
2  | email     | me@somwhere | 123
3  | name      | you         | 456
4  | email     | you@somwhere| 456

Afterwards, however, I would like to be able to query this table so I
can easily show

Name | email

me   | me@somwhere
me   | you@somwhere

I know I can write some code to loop through and do the job but before I
do that, I was hoping I could achieve this on the mysql end. Any



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