transfer rows between servers.

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i have 2 mysql servers.

one is local on my pc and the second is hosted on a remote server and
my web site is using it.
during the day on i run some scripts and updates on my local pc and i
want every once in a while to update the remote sever with the data i
have on my local server.
more the this, i have tables with autonumber fields.. and i want the
numbers on my remote server be the same as on my local server.

i would reather not killing the tables and recreate it with the new
data so i thought about changing the remote server autonumber fields to
be int fields and when i run an update to just "delete * from table"
and then start to insert the rows with the row numbers i have on my

the problem is that i dont have ftp access nor any other file transfer
ability to the server and the only thing i can do is running queries on

is there an easy way to transfer the data between the servers ? any
tool that can do the work ?

(if there is a tool that can recreate the remote tables with the data
from the local server it will do fine as long as the script wont dump
the db cuz i have access to only 1 db on the remote server.)

hope i make my self clear.

thanks in advance,

Re: transfer rows between servers. wrote:
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You might want to take a look at replication:


Re: transfer rows between servers.

replication is not good for me because my local server is behind a
firewall and it's not possible to open inbound ports to my local from
the outside network.

so i need the master (local) server to update the slave (remote) and
not the other way around like whats going on a replication situation.

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