TIMESTAMP issues...

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I want to create an auto creation date and update date in my mysql
table. I am using the "MySQL Cookbook" approach, using the TIMESTAMP
field which basically is:
- create 2 new fields in the table (t_create and t_update)
- both NULL
- when a new record is created they both will register a common
- when the record is modified the t_update will change, buit not the

sounds EZ---funny I got it to work on another table --but not this one!

My problem is:
1) I can create 1 NULL TIMESTAMP field --using PhPMyAdmin 2.6. ---the
2nd NULL TIMESTAMP field auto enters '0000000000000000' not NULL in the
field on creation---I try to change the field to NULL ...but it
automatically reverts NULL to '0000000'...why?
2) My results are:  one correct TIMESTAMP field ---changes with each
modiifcation and one TIMESTAMP field which stays at '000000000' all the
3) Funny---When "browsing" the record in PhPMyAdmin you are allowed to
change the parameters of the TIMESTAMP field ---in that record
only---and then I can get a TIMESTAMP (create and update) in both
fields --- but only manually and after a new record is entered

I think this is a very EZ problem ---that is related to my
misunderstanding about formatting TIMESTAMP fields and using PhpMyAdmin
.....I hope to hear from you !

Newbie Jim

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