Timediff() and negative results

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timediff('2006-03-08 22:38:42','2006-03-09 08:47:03') =  -13:51:39

How can I make it not output negative numbers when the days increase? -Ike

Re: Timediff() and negative results

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There are a bunch of non-useful answers to this question.  Such as, "put a
minus sign in front of it" or "put the argument with the greater value

But these don't address the requirement you have.  No one can answer this
question for you, because we don't know why you need the values to be
positive, or what value you're looking for.

For instance, one could come up with an expression that strips off the date
portion, and compares only the time portion.  But does that give you
information that is useful to your application?  I can't tell.  And it still
doesn't prevent negative values.

Bill K.

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