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I am thinking about implementing replication. Basic question is what
kind of delay there would be to have the data replicated.  Not a
massive table, and all on the same net.

Furthere, can you specify priority for replication?

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Re: Thinking about replication

steve wrote:
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I am using replication for a while now and have not noticed delays at
the moment. I use it for almost half a year now to replicate and backup
our master server which holds the PACS database (storage of medical
image data) of our hospital. My master and slaves are in the same net as

As far as I know there's nothing like setting priority. Replication is,
in short, done by copying the binary log file from the master to the
slave and executing the data in the log file there. The binary log file
can be seen as a compressed file with the SQL statements executed at the


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