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I am new to databases and would like to know if there is a good book on
databasde theory that would be worthwhile to read.  The DB I have in mind
seem to be complicated and I need help figuring out how to set it up.

Re: theory book

a simple google search reveals a tone of resources.   EF Codd is the
father of Database relational theory (based on some very complex
mathematical relations).  CJ Date worked with Codd back in the 60's and
70's. re: Database in Depth":
Principles of Relational Theory According to C. J. Date

Any book that was published by these two would be worth having (Codd
died in 2003 at age 79), but remember they would not be for the faint
of heart.

For more practical books of beginners would be  SQL for Dummies or

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