Switching from Ms Access to MySql

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Experts/Programmers  please advice on these questions.

1. Is Mysql secure than MsAccess (there are softwares avilable to
retrieve Ms Office Password)

2. Which 3rd Party tool Would You recommend for Administration,Query
creation.... Etc

3.Any tools for setup Mysql database to ship  with ApplicationProgram
  (Access need not be installed in a  Windows machine)

4.Any known problems in a VB6/VB.Net  - Mysql Combinations

Thank You In Advance

Re: Switching from Ms Access to MySql

areejan2000@yahoo.com wrote:
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The first thing you need to be aware of is that you may not be licensed
to redistribute MySQL with your application, unless either your
application is licensed with the GNU Public License*, or you pay MySQL
AB for a license to redistribute MySQL.

See http://www.mysql.com/company/legal/licensing/index.html
and read the policies for yourself.

Bill K.

* Or another approved Free/Libre Open Source Software license; see

Re: Switching from Ms Access to MySql


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The server itself is at least as secure as Access, but you should be aware
that the MySQL server can only be as secure as the server that it runs on.
What are the concrete dangers that you're concerned about (colleagues who
use your machine, attacks via network/internet, ...)?

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I would recommand MySQL Administrator and MySQL QueryBrowser, which aren't
even 3rd party tools. You can get them from the MySQL website:


There's also a tool for migration purposes (supporting Access) - check out


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The Application program needs to have access to a MySQL server. That could
e.g. be a MySQL database that runs with a database service provider (check
out www.db4free.net if you need a public available MySQL database that
doesn't cost you anything). Drivers are available for all purposes you can
think of.

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For VB6 you can choose ODBC, for VB.NET there's a specific .NET driver


I hope, this helps - good luck :-).


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