Strange error by sub query, works with InnoDB

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Hi there,

I have this query below and the SELECT COUNT statements are generating
errors in MySQL and I have no clue why. I would like to be able to do
this because this also works for other DB's. Any ideas?

Kind regards, Seansan

SELECT    ttrss_feeds.*,
        SUBSTRING(last_updated,1,19) AS last_updated_noms,
        (SELECT COUNT( FROM ttrss_entries,
            WHERE ttrss_user_entries.feed_id = AND
            ttrss_user_entries.ref_id = AND
            owner_uid = 'admin') AS total,
        (SELECT COUNT( FROM ttrss_entries,ttrss_user_entries
            WHERE feed_id = AND unread = 'true'
            AND ttrss_user_entries.ref_id =
            AND owner_uid = 'admin') as unread,
        ttrss_feed_categories.title AS category,
FROM ttrss_feeds
LEFT JOIN ttrss_feed_categories ON ( =
WHERE ttrss_feeds.owner_uid = 'admin' AND parent_feed IS NULL

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