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    I'm writing an Sql Statement to total the sale of an order
TotalSale=(TotalSale + (QtyShipped * Price)). I have the syntax & it works
However, I'd like to add Tax + Freight that is derived from another table.
How do I get it to add only once.

Here's the Statement:

 "Select Orders.`Order_#`, Orders.`Cust_#`, Orders.`Name`, Orders.Date,
Orders.Status, Orders.`Po_#`, Sum(Olitems.Qty_Shipped * Olitems.Price) As
Total_Sale From Orders, Olitems Where Orders.`Order_#` = Olitems.`Order_#`
Group By Orders.`Order_#` Order By Orders.`Order_#` "

Olitems=Line Item Table
Orders=Header Table

I'd like to include:
Sum((Olitems.Qty_Shipped * Olitems.Price) + Orders.Tax + Orders.Freight) As

When I do that it keeps on adding tax & freight for each line item! How to
work around that?

Thanks for all your help.

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