show numbers of records as % ???

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I'm migrating from Access til MySQL.
Works fine so far - but one thing is nearly killing me:

I got the count of total records in a variabel - (antalRecords)
I got the count  for the Field Q1 where the value value is = 'nej'
Now I just need to calculate how many % of my records have the value 'nej'
I access this worked very fine - but with MySQL ( and ASP) I just cant get
it right!!! I go crazy ....

My code looks like this :

strSQL="SELECT COUNT(Q1) AS Q1_nej FROM Tbl_evaluering " &_
"WHERE Q1 = 'NEJ' "
set RS = connection.Execute(strSQL)
antal_nej = RS("Q1_nej")
procent_nej = formatNumber((antal_nej),2)/antalrecords * 100

Hope ...praying for help ...Please ;-)
best wishes -Otto - Copenhagen

Re: show numbers of records as % ???

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SELECT (COUNT( t1.mytable_id ) / COUNT( t2.mytable_id )) *100 percent
FROM `mytable` t1
RIGHT JOIN mytable t2 ON t1.mytable_id = t2.mytable_id
AND t2.myfield = 'nej';

Re: show numbers of records as % ???

Otto wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

One reason code might not work..
Try using Concat(string,string) ....   &    is not valid MYSQL syntax for
adding strings

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