selecting mutual results

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Hey all, I'm probably just having a lax moment but I can't quite figure this
out. Say I have a table such as this:


user    friend
1        2
1        3
2        4
2        1

how could i select results where user and friend are the same but in
opposite rows (that is, in this example, user 1 and friend 2 (user 2 and
friend 1))?

Thanks :)

Re: selecting mutual results

Phillip Parr wrote:
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SELECT f1.user, f2.friend
FROM friends AS f1 INNER JOIN friends f2
   ON (f1.user = f2.friend AND f1.friend = f2.user)
WHERE f1.user <= f1.friend

(the <= comparison at the end is to prevent pairs from appearing twice
in the result)

Bill K.

Re: selecting mutual results

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Ah yes, Thanks! f2.friend in the select statement needs to be f2.user to get
the result I wanted :)


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