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Hi everyone,
This select question has been bothering me for a long time now.

SELECT t1.artnr,, t1.access
FROM lundhags_product AS t1
LEFT JOIN lundhags_photos AS t2 ON t1.uid=t2.product_uid
WHERE t1.access <= 1
GROUP BY t1.uid
ORDER BY t1.artname

Problem is that I have many photos connected to one product and I want
to fetch the photo with the newest creation_date.
With this question I get (for some reason) the photo that has the
oldest creation_date.

What I want is to put in something like this in the question:
WHERE t2.creation_date = MAX(t2.creation_date)
but that doesnt seem to work.

Can someone help me!


Well, here's my shot at it:
If you're using MySQL 4.1 or later, you could use a subquery, ie replace
the lundhags_photos below with:
(SELECT * FROM lundhags_photos ORDER BY creation_date DESC)
This worked when I tested it, I don't know if this behavior is

Otherwise, you may have to use a temporary table?  I'm curious to see
what others have to say...

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