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    I just downloaded MySql using Windows XP. It takes at least 30 seconds
to open a recordset. What am I doing wrong?


Re: Running real slow

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Well, one thing you're doing wrong is asking a question without giving  
enough context.  ;-)

It'd help if you described as much as possible of the following:
- The version of MySQL.  Since you just downloaded it, should we assume  
- What SQL query are you trying to run?
- Have you tried using EXPLAIN to report how the optimizer treats your  
- Do other queries run faster?
- Is it consistent that the one query runs slowly and others run faster?
- What client interface are you using (e.g. JDBC, ODBC, C API, etc.)?
- What programming language (e.g. VB, Java, PHP, C++, etc.)?
- Can you show the code you use to open the recordset?
- The expected size of the query result set.  10 rows?  10,000,000 rows?
- What is your machine's processor, and memory?
- What clues can you get from Task Manager about resource usage?
- What other applications may be competing for resources?

Bill K.

Re: Running real slow

Joel wrote:

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The answer is 42.

many, many other sarcastic remarks removed.

As Robbie the robot says; need more data.

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