Replication Setup

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Am attempting to setup master/slave replication in Windows environment. Both
master and slave are running WinXP. Master appears to be logging correctly,
but cannot get slave to update its databases and tables from the master.
MySQL 4.1.10a-nt is running on the master. MySQL 4.1.7-nt is running on the

Only workgroups are used on LAN, no domain.

my.ini on master, section [mysqld], has following inserted statements:


After database activity, data directory on master includes files
mysql-bin.000001 at 748,290 bytes, and mysql-bin.index at 19 bytes.

my.ini on slave, section [mysqld], has following inserted statements:


Note "calvados" is the network name for the master. For test purposes, am
literally using username "repl" and password "repl_pass". "dbname1" and
"dbname2" correspond to valid databases on the master, that were logged in
mysql-bin.000001, and that do not exist on the slave.

Running mysql.exe on the slave, commands

    start slave;
    load data from master;

both respond with "Query OK, 0 rows affected".

"Show databases" on the slave then reveals the standard two databases
"mysql" and "test", but no "dbname1" nor "dbname2".

What am I doing wrong? What logs should I consult? Thanks.

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