Re-setting mysql as a service

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I installed mysql server 4.1 last month. When I installed it, I set it
to run as a service to start automatically. However, for some reason,
that no longer occurs. I can't even see the mysql service running from
services viewer in win xp. I now have to manually start mysql server
each time I reboot.
Can someone please tell me how I can Re-set mysql to run as a
service?? Or, if I re-install mysql, will it retain the db's already



Re: Re-setting mysql as a service

wink martindale wrote:
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It's probably most straightforward and safest to reinstall MySQL.  You
could hand-edit the registry to recreate the service entry, but that is
neither quicker nor more likely to succeed.

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It "should" retain the databases, or any other files that aren't part of
the default install.  But it's always a good idea to back up your
databases before doing something like changing the DBMS software.

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Re: Re-setting mysql as a service

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 08:45:14 -0500, in mailing.database.mysql wink

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Reboot your machine so you can see the default properties.

Right mouse click the My Computer icon. Select Manage from the popup
The mmc window will open. Select Service and Applications.
Click Services. The right panel will list all the services that are
available to your machine.
Scroll to the MySQL entry.
My entry reads as:
mySQL Started, Automatic, Local system
Double click mySQL to bring up the properties box.
Set the StartType to Automatic, click the Start button.

Have a look at the MySqlAdmin icon in the systray. Is it green?
If it is then your up and running, if not then there could be an error
in you my.ini file.
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Re: Re-setting mysql as a service

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Re: Re-setting mysql as a service

try  Start>Control Pannel>Administrative Tools>Component Services

This should bring up a list of services which you can reset to run at
startup etc.

Let me know if this works.
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