Problems with SELECT

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I am having a problem with SELECT.  The table has 3 rows.  I am using
the C api.  Here is my C code.

  count = mysql_query(my_db, "SELECT * FROM accounts");
  er = mysql_error(my_db);
  res = mysql_use_result(my_db);
  num_row = mysql_num_rows(res);

  count is returned as 0 (no error)
  er is NULL (no error)
  res is trturned valid
  num_row is returned as 0

I have full permissions to the data base and its tables.  I can retrieve
data from other tables in the database.

Does any one have an idea as to what is amiss here. I can add to the
table and get the correct error when I try to add or update the table
with duplicate key fields.

Thanks Richard

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