Preserving case on Win32 table names

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Hi All

Found that when I executed my DDL script on a Win32 installation of MySQL
(v4.0.18) it converted all of my table names to lowercase.

The problem was that after I had filled the newly created DB with content,
backed it up and then restored it into my ISP's unix version of MySQL my web
app couldn't use any of the tables because I was querying them in UCase and
all of the tables were in LCase.

Thinking this was a fault with the MySQL Admin prog, I reported it as a bug,
but then after their support found that it was my Win32 installation that
was causing the LCase issue they wouldn't go into depth on the best method
to make my Win32 installation leave the case alone.

All I have from them is that I should specify the
lower_case_table_names='xx' command, but I don't if I should:

a) Put this command somewhere in my 'my.ini' file.  If so, where?

b) What parameter should I specify for 'xx' to ensure that the above will
work OK.  A couple of horror stories on the page stated
that if you get this wrong you could corrupt various areas of your DB.

Your help would be very much appreciated.



Re: Preserving case on Win32 table names

It's generally best to leave the table names in lower case, because of
this problem. I don't know of many PHP projects that use UC table names.

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