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  My name is Elena Pehoiu. I live in Tighina, Republic of Moldavia
and I have a five year old boy who suffers from B-Cell Leucemia.
At the moment, in my country, the hospitals don't  have the
necessary equipment to perform the medular spine transplant that
could save my little boy's life.</br>
Her only chance is C.H.U.- Charleroi Hopital Universitaire, Spain,
but the operation costs $36 000. Since the summer of 2003 when we  
found out the terrible truth and until now, all the money me and my
husband could raise represents almost  a third of the sum($10 000)
because  our country is very poor (an average salary of $25/ month)
and, even though people gave us how much they could spare, it wasn't
enough. Daniel is only five years old and he should have a lot more
to live! We have only a month to raise the other $ 26 000 or it will
be too late! Please, I am begging for your help! If you have at least
one dollar to spare, don't hesitate to make a good deed. It may not
mean much to you, but for us it means the world!</br>

For more details please folow this link: <a
href=" /"> /</a><br>
<p>Thank you, and God Bless You!</br>
Elena and her family</p>

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