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Hi all ,

  I have 2 table as show below :
  When do join the 2 table using SQL statement , how i going to order
by Table A sw_version then Table B card_sw_version_no column ? Anyone
have ideas ? Thanks

  Select A.*,B,*
   from Table A , Table B
where A.serial_no = B.serial_no

  Table A

  serial no   model_no    sw_version_no
  123456    W89489            1.3
   83944      W2090             8.9
  123456-1    W89489-a       2.3
   83944-1     W2090-a        18.9(A)
  123456-2    W89489-b       6.1
   83944-2     W2090 -b        1.2

 Table B

 serial no     card_model_no     card_sw_version_no
  123456        W89489-c              1.1
   83944         W2090-c                1.1
  123456-1     W89489-c               2.1
   83944-1      W2090-d                1.5
  123456-2     W89489-f                1.2
   83944-2      W2090 -g               1.8


Off the top of my head I would do a union query.  You can then add a
column that will let you have your own sort order.

Here is some air code:

select a.*, "a" as sorttemp from tableA a inner join tableB b on
a.serial_no = b.serial_no
select b.*, "b" as sorttemp from tableB b inner join tableA a on
a.serial_no = b.serial_no
order by sorttemp;

There is probably a more elegant way to do this, but I don't know what
it is right now.

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