ODBC Version trouble between and

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Dear group,

we are dealing with some very specific problems with ODBC, where a
connection from SQL-Server to Mysql works with ODBC-driver
and does NOT work with ODBC-driver Maybe someone
experiences similar problems or even has a solution ? Some feedback (to
the group) would be highly appreciated.

We use a Microsoft SQL-Server as Headquarter database and some
Mysql-machines on Redhat as satellite-databases. We use a script to
copy and replicate data between satellite and headquarter. This script
is using simple SQL connecting to Mysql-database using ODBC and

In order to copy only new data from sattelites we use the
Binary_Checksum function from Microsoft SQL-Server. This works with the version perfectly but it fails with the version,
where it gives us the message (from MS-SQL-Server) "msg 8481 Error
expanding "*": all columns incomparable, '*' expanded to zero columns".
This message comes only for some but not for all statements using the

The only way to fix this is to stick with the "old" version of the
ODBC-driver. Could someone please explain what is going one?

I will post this also in the relevant newsgroup of MS-SQL-Server


greetings from Vienna


Re: ODBC Version trouble between and

uli2003wien@lycos.at wrote:
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It seems to me that the asterisk (*) sign is not evaluated properly in
the link using the lastest ODBC driver. Is it true that the error only
happens for statements like below?




Or do these errors also occur in queries which do not contain a asterisk?

This is only a guess as I am not familiar with communication between
mySQL and Microsoft SQL servers.

Is there an explicit reason for upgrading your ODBC driver? If not I
would leave it like it is as the upgrade is a minor version change I guess.

Something else (you might already have considered): Is it not possible
to port the main 'Headquarter' database to mySQL as well? You can in
that situation make use of replication to sync your databases at all
servers. Especially when you use ODBC for the application to communicate
with the application this should be relatively simple, as you probably
don't have to change much in your application.


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Re: ODBC Version trouble between and

Jonathan schrieb:
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Dear Jonathan, thanks for the response,

1) It is not possible to switch the whole architecture to MySQL.
(political reasons blah)
2) It happens only with some SELECT a.*,1 from OPENROWSET(...., select
* from ...) a not for all and i think it has to do something with
characters and collation
3) we can live with the lower version of ODBC since it works, but we
would like to see that it this error will be removed from further
versions of the ODBC-driver
4) Did you ever try to remove a higher version ODBC-driver from a
Windows registry / system in order to install a lower version. It is
virtually impossible. We re-installed the whole system, just to make



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