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I am trying to set up MySQL server on a network.
All machines are running some version of MS Windows.

I'll run MATLAB on the client machines and the MATLAB clients will
use MyODBC to communicate with the MySQL server.

Do I install MyODBC on the server and use it for all the clients or all

client machines will have their own MyODBC running?

Thanks in advance.

Re: newbie question wrote:
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All client machines need to install their own copy of MyODBC.

Bill K.

Re: newbie question

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You need client software on the individual client machines to access
a network-based database server like MySQL (as opposed to one using
data files on a shared filesystem accessed as shared files).  It's
possible you could use one copy of the client software on a shared
filesystem mounted on the clients but you likely still have to set
it up (tell it where the server is, what password and database to
use, etc.) on each client individually.

                        Gordon L. Burditt

Re: newbie question

What do you mean by "client software"?
MyODBC or some other executable supplied by MySQL or a 3rd party?
(As I said, I'm a clueless newbie.)
Gabe Chime

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