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I ran "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `mysql`.* TO 'mpeloso'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION"

I would suspect that mpeloso would have privileges to Select, Insert, ect.

But when I look in the user table there is an "N" in all the priveleges
When I look at the DB table there are "Y"'s

Why does the user table have "N"'s?


Re: Newbe question

Mike P wrote:
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Did you execute the "flush privileges" command to update the changes you
wanted to make?

Re: Newbe question

Jonathan wrote:

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That is not needed when using GRANT.

"Modifications to the grant tables that you perform using GRANT or
REVOKE are noticed by the server immediately. If you modify the grant
tables manually (using INSERT, UPDATE, and so on), you should execute a
FLUSH PRIVILEGES statement or run mysqladmin flush-privileges to tell
the server to reload the grant tables."


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