New to MYSQL (in need of guidance)

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I'm new to MYSQL, having just finished my website.

I have 1 thing left to try and do to make the site experiance as seemless as
possable, but to do it I figure I need to do some sort of mysql programming.

Following is a post I made elsewhere.

"I use phpnuke platinum (asfar as I can tell its phpnuke but with some
addons). I am adding the phpmychat to the site. However I need to be able to
create and remove chat accounts quickly on it. I have done some
experimenting on test installs and found that I can manualy copy the
password value from the phpnuke_users table and it will work, similar with
the username, and some other variables (name, email adress, website, etc). I
was wondering if someone might give me some help in creating a php page that
I could add to my phpnuke plat. admin panel to allow me to:

1. view the users in both databases (nuke and chat) aswell as common info
(ie values that are only common to both database tables)
2. Allow me to create a new chat user from an existing nuke users info
(would somehow copy the data from the nuke db to the chat db, placing the
info in the right fields), and optionaly create it with admin (maybe a
checkbox to give the proper permission value in the db) privaledges.
3. Allow me to remove an existing chat account.

I have no clue about coding or anything like that, I think the only problem
I can see (again I am just speaking from what I can see in the dbs) is the
name, in nuke its one field, in chat its 2, first and last, and chat
requires both to have a value in them, it might be possable to have it
somehow look for a space and split the name there? However in some of my
users, its only 1 name, so maybe a . or somehting for the last name (I
checked, if there is any missing info the user can login, but if they try to
change any info it'll error out until they give all the info it wants, and
I'd like this to be a seamless as possable).

If any of the above makes any sence to anyone, and seems possable, please
lend a hand, I got no clue what I'm doing."

Anyone able to help me with the above?

Thanks in advance,


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