new Error 1146 error and behavior with mysqlcc + mysql-5.0.15

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I have just switched from mysql-4.1.14 on a FreeBSD-4.11 box to
mysql-5.0.15 on a FreeBSD-6.0 box. In both environments I use mysqlcc
to select, insert and update tables. On the 4.1.14 machine, using
mysqlcc, I could double click in a field and change its value; only if
I had selected all the fields. I couls not do this if I had selected a
subset of the fields. The number of rows returned didn't matter, as
long as I did "select * from..." I could directly edit a field value in

Now, under mysql-5.0.15, I cannot edit fields at all, whether I "select
* from..." or not. And every select I do gives me this error in
mysqlcc's explain pane:

[mymachine] ERROR 1146: Table 'tablename.1' doesn't exist

Well it certainly does exist, and I can edit its values using the mysql
client or phpmyadmin (ugh, clumsy). There are lots of posts on the net
about error 1146 and various apps and various versions of mysql and
even mysqlcc. mysqlcc had this problem with an earlier version of mysql
than 5.x but this supposedly was fixed with release 0.94.

Can anyone give me some insight on what's going on here, or a
workaround? Or another gui client that works as well as mysqlcc?



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