Need Help on MySQL 5.0 and DBDesigner

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OK, I'm officially frustrated.

I had MySQL 4.0.18 running as a service on my WinXP laptop, along with
MySQLAdministrator, and a new tool, DB Designer. Everything was working
fine, and I was able to do a good test.

Then I wanted to upgrade to MySQL 5.0. I completely uninstalled
everything with the "Add/Remove Programs" utility in the Control Panel.

I re-installed MySQL 5.0. I started it as a service, and I was able to
login just fine, and from a command line, create and edit databases and

I installed MySQL Administrator. Again, everything worked just fine.
Able to log in and log off, do all the stuff. Everything showed normal.
The service was running.

Then I reinstalled DB Designer, and the tool seems to have screwed up
my passwords. Now, I cannot log into MySQL using either the command
line OR MySQL Administrator.

I get error 1045 when I try it through MySQL Administrator, if that

I am pretty new to this, so any help needs to be REAL clear. Is there a
table in MySQL (with passords) that I need to reset or flush privileges
or something?

Dan sends...

Re: Need Help on MySQL 5.0 and DBDesigner

This part seems what you require
If you try to connect as root and get the following error, it means
that you do not have a row in the user table with a User column value
of 'root' and that mysqld cannot resolve the hostname for your client:

Access denied for user ''@'unknown' to database mysql

In this case, you must restart the server with the --skip-grant-tables
option and edit your /etc/hosts file or \windows\hosts file to add an
entry for your host.
if all else fails re install

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