mysqlhotcopy problem

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alright, heres the problem, I setup a backup routine to backup my
daabase at night under another name and then do a dump on that backup
database so that my users can still acces the site while I do the dump
on teh backup database.

it works, however it seems that, even tho I delete the directory after
im done, that the next day the data in the backup database I then use
to dump is the same as the one from the day before, even tho the main
database I asked to backup changed.

heres my backup procedure:

cp /root/backup/mysql.mysqlDB.txt /root/backup/mysql.mysqlDB.txt.bak
mysqlhotcopy --user=root --password=L0veD0me --allowold mysqlDB
mysqldump --add-drop-table --quick --user=root --password=MyPass
mysqlDB_backup > /root/backup/mysql.m
rm -rf /var/lib/mysql/mysqlDB_backup

so yeah I noticed that mysql.mysqlDB.txt had same size as
mysql.mysqlDB.txt.bak today wich is impossible considering I get 200+
new record a day in my members table.

hope someone can help,
thank you

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