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I am trying to do a dump for a 2 gig table...

I would like to dump the tables in portions so that it's a little
easier to work with...

Can somebody suggest a way to do a mysqldump table query

ie.. mysqldump -u user -p database="MYDATABASE" Query="SELECT * FROM

I'm pretty sure this is possible... I have no idea how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Re: mysqldump select query

Monty Loree wrote:
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the statement does not look right so i am not as sure as you are;
however, you can run something like this to backup table at a time:
mysqldump -p -u username databasename tablename > tablename.sql

once you run this, it'll ask you for your password, type it in and
voila, you get a text file of a backed up table.

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