mysql will not start with LDAP

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I Installed mysql-max-5.0.18-0.glib23.rpm on suse Enterprise 9 which
has nss_ldap.rpm installed.
my mysql-max-5.0.18-0.glib23.rpm is dynamically linked with glib23 and
is downloaded from

but mysql will not start up instead I received the following error

"This crash occured while the server was calling initgroups(). This is
often due to the use of a mysqld that is statically linked against
and configured to use LDAP in /etc/nsswitch.conf. You will need to
upgrade to a version of glibc that does not have this problem (2.3.4 or
later when used with nscd), disable LDAP in your nsswitch.conf, or use
mysqld that is not statically linked.
060217 17:47:18  mysqld ended"

my machine authenticate to LDAP so i need LDAP in /etc/nsswich.conf.
where can I find MySQL-MAX rpm that will work with ldap? How can I fix
the problem?please


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