MYSQL version differences

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I am totally new to MySQL. Just wanted to know what are the major
differences between version 3.23 and version 4.0.26? Also would apps written
for 4.0.26 break on 3.23?



Re: MYSQL version differences

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You should read the change logs starting on this page:

That is, read "D.2 Changes in release 4.0.x" for the summary, and the
sub-sections for detailed information of changes per 4.0.x point-release.

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In most cases MySQL 4.0 is backward-compatible with 3.23 at the application
level.  I have had the experience of upgrading MySQL from 3.23 to 4.0,
without requiring any changes to the Perl web application on that server.

However, no one on a newsgroup can answer that question definitively with
regard to _your_ application (or any particular application).  We don't know
what your application does, or which features of MySQL it employs.

Bill K.

Re: MYSQL version differences

John wrote:
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I think you might start here:

Unfortunately I have no short overview of important differences for you.


Re: MYSQL version differences


one concrete example that comes to my mind are UNION joins - if your
application uses them, it will run with 4.0 but not with 3.23. Also InnoDB
tables are not available in 3.23's standard versions (only with Max), so if
you use InnoDB table with 4.0, they will fall back to MyISAM if you move
them to a 3.23-standard server.


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