MySQL slow in windows NT4

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I am running the Apache web server, MySQL v4, and PHP on an NT4 server.
Apache runs great, but the auction software I am using (Web2035 Auction
software written in PHP) is very, very slow.

Sometimes it takes 20-30 seconds to bring up an auction page from the items
table which has less than 200 records in it.

Can anyone can give me some pointers on where to start looking? (I don't
know if the bottleneck is with MySQL or PHP or what I might need to look at
to enhance the performance of either package.)

Oh... please don't suggest that I switch to Linux -- I know windows and just
want to host a small auction site.



Re: MySQL slow in windows NT4

Charles Crume wrote:
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 From the software persepective:

have you tried getting the explain plan for your query?  how long does the query
take using interactive mysql?
putting timing statements in your code would help identify what is taking so

 From the hardware perspective:
what would also be useful is to know - how much memory, types of disks and
network bandwith to the site.

PHP is an interpreted scripting language.  If your system has any bottlenecks at
all, it will be felt in interpreting the code, then executing it.  MS is bloated
to the point it cannot perform very well compared to a comparably configured
Linux box.  Espcecially older NT4.  I have seen neither PHP, Mysql nor Apache
perform well at all on that platform.

So, you want to host your site using the most unstable, unsecure OS and other
software on a public-facing web-site?

Michael Austin
Database Consultant
Domain Registration and Linux/Windows Web Hosting Reseller

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