MySQL-Query-Browser Installation

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I am currently migrating a db from SQL Server & MySQL and ? (front end yet
to be decided upon) As I familiarise myself with MySQL populating tables
etc can be quite clumbersome. After reading the MySQL site it appears the
"Query Browser" is the correct tool which I've downloaded, extracted and
followed the instruction for installing it... without success, it doesn't

To clarify what I've done I've:
Downloaded: mysql-query-browser-1.1.6-linux.tar.gz
Extracted it using: tar -vzxf mysql-query-browser-1.1.6-linux.tar.gz
In the doc directory there is a html file that explains the installation
procedure under Linux...

"To install MySQL Query Browser, run this command:
shell> tar --directory=/opt -xzvf mysql-query-browser-version-linux.tar.gz

This installs the application binary in /opt/mysql-query-browser/bin. Change
into that directory and run mysql-query-browser to start the application.
You can replace /opt with your desired installation path."

I have done all of this and the files were extracted
to /opt/mysql-query-browser as expected.

The question is, how do I run the application ?



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