MySQL & Powerbuilder problem

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I am not quite sure where to place this question, by Powerbuilder or
MySQL as I guess it is a communication glitch between the two
I am trying to convert a Powerbuilder application from Sybase SQLA to
MySQL. I have created a new database, exported the Sybase data and
imported it into MySQL. The original datawindows still work fine. So
far, so good, but if the datawindows are regenerated then all decimal
and numeric fields containing decimal places are changed to char!
Decimal(5,2) changes from decimal(2) to char(5) with all the bizarre
If I edit the dw source and change the char(5) back to decimal(2) then
it works again.
I gather that MySQL has changed the method of storing decimal fields
after 5.0.3 so maybe Powerbuilder hasn't caught up yet.

Any comments anyone?

Powerbuilder 10.2
MySQL 5.0.4 beta
MyODBC 3.51.11-2

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