MySql newbie (Comming from SQL 2000/2005)

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I'm DB architect and I work mainly with MS SQL 2000/2005.

The 2005 install process is so poorly designed and it installs a ton of
"crap". I tried MySql on one of the servers and its very clean. It also
uses alot of less resources than MS SQL.

I have some questions regarding MySql however. On my server, I have
phpMyAdmin installed.

Can MySql do the following:

1) Create/edit SQL Views? This is a very important feature that I need
that is in MS SQL.
2) Are there Stored Procedures?
3) How do I "backup" and "restore" a DB? I would like to do that using
phpmyadmin if possible
4) I heard that MySql does not have any failsafe if
the power went out while a DB command was processing..the DB would be

Re: MySql newbie (Comming from SQL 2000/2005) wrote:
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glad to hear you're aboard with the rest of us. here's your answers:
1-MySQL version 5.0 and higher is capable of creating and editing views.
two ways to create/edit views: command line or a third party app such as

2-yes. a very great feature that was added in version 5.0 and higher.

3-utilizing mysql administrator (free download from their site), you can
create back and restore jobs on the server itself. this is the preferred
method i believe.

4-not true. you can turn on a couple of flags in my.ini to have self
repair features kick off automatically after a power failure.

hope this help.

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