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I am facing  problem while excuting a mysql query. My problem is as
I have two tables object_1 and object_2.
The structure of object_1 is

object_id    name   address
------------    ----------  ------------
    1            abc      xyz
    2            pqr       xyz
    3            lmn      zzz

The structure of object_2 is

 object_id    tag_id
--------------    ----------
    1               2
    1               3
    2               2

object_id is the foreign key in the table object_2

I want to find all the rows from object_1 whose tag_id is 2 and 3.
ie my result row will be

object_id    name   address
------------    ----------  ------------
    1            abc      xyz

So technically what i want to do is an intersect.But since mysql
doesnt support intersect i am not able to do it
Can anyone suggest how to go about it?

Re: mysql intersect help wrote:
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have you tried something like this:

from  object_1
where object_1.object_id in (select object_id from object_2 where tag_id
in (2,3) )

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Re: mysql intersect help

Yes i tried it. It is not working. This is because in essentially
behaves like or

Re: mysql intersect help

On May 14, 6:44 am, wrote:
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Guys, guys

Stop using this subselect rubbish and read up on JOINS instead

SELECT t1. *
FROM object_1 t1
JOIN object_2 t2a ON t1.object_id = t2a.object_id
AND t2a.tag_id =2
INNER JOIN object_2 t2b ON t1.object_id = t2b.object_id
AND t2b.tag_id =3

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