mysql eating too much cpu

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Greetings. I have scoured through usenet to find out how to help my
server.Here are my specs
Dual P4 2.8G
2GB Ram
Redhat Ent. Linux 3 ES
mysql verson 3.23.58

Here is what I have in my /etc/my.cnf (I found these settings in a
usenet forum)

set-variable    = thread_cache=128
set-variable    = thread_concurrency=4
set-variable    = myisam_sort_buffer_size=64M
set-variable    = key_buffer=784M
set-variable    = max_allowed_packet=1M
set-variable    = table_cache=512
set-variable    = sort_buffer=2M
set-variable    = record_buffer=2M



I often see the cpu usage above 80% when running top. Can someone
suggest what I need to tweak in order to help this poor server out? I
run a clan website for gaming and rarely have more than 100 people on
at a time, most times it is less than 50.

I am not a mysql guru, I am a network guy, so be gentle.

Thank you!

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